AvianĄŻs New Innovation Design,




-The First Set of Super Energy Efficiency's Concept Granulator in the World  


  Avian will present the worldĄŻs first concept model of super energy efficient granulator in Chinaplas 2013. There are totally eight types, which motors range from 30-2.2kw, that will bring a huge amount of benefits to injection molding,blow molding and machine side recycling enterprises.

  This kind of machine integrates post-modern thinking that gives a fresh feeling to all the application enterprises in appearance,energy saving,noise reduction,crushing effect and dust handling area etc.

  Avian utilizes all imported machining center and automatic processing lines during the process of production to ensure the high quality of the equipments, even makes the prices become much more competitive that will satisfy the vast majority of large and middle-sized enterprises.Moreover,it can save more energy(30%~40%) than other similar equipments.