The 2nd phase production base of Avian(Shanghai) will be fully completed by the end of July


 It takes more than 3 years for planing,preparing and infrastructure,the 2nd phase production baseof Avian will be fully completed by the end of July 2013.Combining with the 1st phase project which was built on May 2007,it will become the worldĄŻs largest production base of granulators,shredders,pulverizers and solid recycling equipments.Its production area exceeds 50,000©O.
  On the occasion of the completion of the new production base,Avian accelerates the renovation of production facilities and has purchased a batch of world-class machining centers and automated production equipments to become the most advanced machinery enterprise.Then we are going to become one of the manufacturers who have the largest production base and most modern processing facilities in the same industry.

  Meanwhile,Avian constantly optimizes the product design to catch the demand of energy saving,noise reduction and good quality.Recently,Avian will present many types of new generation of granulators that have good effect in energy saving and excellent quality to meet the market demand.